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lazy is a 4-letter word

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed with guilt and shame. It might only take the threat of being perceived as lazy to do the trick -- so we pop up! -- even if it’s just to look like we’re busy.

Being called lazy can be just as bad as being called any other four-letter word. To pause, rest, and just do nothing seems like an enviable luxury to some. Who has time to stop? And even if we did, it’s generally accompanied by guilt, mind-chatter, and a lot of: “I should be doing something productive!”

Not to mention, just the idea of someone walking in and catching us doing nothing can easily put the kibosh on relaxing and doubling down on our negative reel that we aren’t worthy to take a break. It’s a vicious cycle… one that we’ve lived with for decades.

It’s difficult to find a time in our day to sit quietly with ourselves. It seems damn near impossible to sit quietly AND not have thoughts rushing through our heads. But it’s in this quiet space where rejuvenation happens, allowing ourselves to have optimal energy for when we need it later. Our thoughts become clearer, we’re not as emotional, we have the ability to be smarter than our problems, and we are ready for our next steps.

It turns out that resting and being lazy actually makes us more efficient, gives us more energy, and allows us to be grateful in the present moment.

If we were to change our perspective and choose laziness, embrace the time without guilt or shame, knowing that it’s what our body, mind and soul calls for, it would give us the permission to surrender and just let go. Just for a moment. Just until it’s time to re-energize and live the life we’re working so hard to create.

On our healing journeys, we have both learned to love being lazy and we have our own unique form of laziness. It has taken some time for us to discover what works (and what doesn’t) and it has taken us even longer to let go of the guilt and shame part. And it might be a lifetime before we ever get to the “clear-your-mind” part but we do know that the shift in our perspective on laziness has been a catalyst for significant change.

There’s definitely less guilt and shame when we decide to be lazy or how we spend our lazy time. Some days call for more than others, but we have learned to prioritize laziness in our lives. We now have the ability to reflect back on the benefits of doing nothing and it’s changed our minds on the four-letter word we once were ashamed of being called.

So if you have been like us and are feeling exhausted, then invest in rest. If you find yourself questioning when you’ll find the time to rest, then try ming+ming's yoga for sleep class. It gives you the permission to be lazy... mind, body, and soul. When you start to see the benefits, you will then start to embrace the laziness and love it, just like we do.

with love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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