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ming+ming classes changed my life

Consistently showing up for myself was one of my first actions towards proving to myself I was worth the investment.

It was hard at first (really hard!) to rearrange my schedule, ask for help, and dedicate time solely for me. It was a pattern I wasn’t used to, especially after having children, because I had told myself the needs of others were more important than my own.

But after a couple months of regularly showing up for ming+ming classes, I started to see and feel all the benefits in my intentional weekly pauses. I began sleeping better, it was easier to make healthier decisions for myself without worrying about others, my most important relationships began to improve, I had more energy, I was less reactive, and now I crave my weekly check-ins.

Two years ago, I started small by investing one hour a week for myself and it changed my life from the inside out. I invite you to invest an hour a week for yourself too because you deserve it. Try a FREE CLASS with the code: PAUSE2022.

With love,


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