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podcast on why you can’t pay attention + how to reclaim your focus

When I was in the beginning of my healing journey, I had many vices that kept me locked on autopilot. They gave me the dopamine hits I needed in the moment but never allowed me to grow in the ways I truly wanted for myself. I felt like I had a long list of bad habits that I NEEDED to break. Falling back into my comfortable old habits only made me believe that I wasn’t good enough to change, that I didn’t have what it takes. I told myself that I lacked focus and I lacked discipline.

This podcast allowed me to shift my perspective. Did I lack focus? Yes, but it wasn’t my fault! This podcast gave me a deeper understanding of why I was struggling and it helped me set more realistic goals to chisel away at my vices but still accept them when I would fall back into old comforting habits.

With love,


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