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the shifter sisters

If we could pick and choose any superhuman power, we would choose the power to shift and change without any effort at all. Without the uncomfortable feelings and without the fear and doubt of “yeah, but what if it doesn’t work?”

We would be the shifter sisters. We would have the ability to shift our perspectives, our habits, our ingrained thoughts with quickness and ease - this would be a superpower that would give us the gift of handling whatever life throws at us.

Because let’s face it… life is hard.

We spend most of our time handling the needs of other people, organizing schedules, and making sure everyone is healthy and happy. We are role models, ideal colleagues, and stand-up citizens. We are thinking ahead and preparing for possible outcomes to multiple scenarios. We are checking off boxes to feel like we are in control only to find out that life decided to go in a different direction. And then we wonder why we are so damn tired all the time.

It can feel like life is happening to us but the truth of the matter is, life is just happening and we are here for the ride. When we have the ability to be flexible and see things from another perspective, it gives us the freedom to adjust, be creative with our solutions, and feel emotionally secure with our decisions.

It can be difficult to see things differently when all we know is what we know, but if we continue to always run on auto-pilot, it will never allow us to shift and see things differently.

It’s easy to get stuck in the momentum of how we think life operates because we find comfort in knowing what we know. Challenging old beliefs or doing something differently brings up uncomfortable feelings and takes extra effort (and who has time for that?). But we cannot know the benefits of change if we always stay the same.

The desire and understanding for change might be there, but actually experiencing that change and experiencing the benefits from doing something different can be very difficult.

Our ability to lean into change and take those first steps come from the hard work and healing that we invest into ourselves. The more we develop a deeper love and trust in ourselves, the less fear we have of changing the ingrained thoughts that we have kept so comfortably close.

We trust that when we do take the terrifying steps to do something different, it will lead to something better. Our intention is to help ourselves to grow and to heal and if it doesn’t work, welp, now we know and we’re still proud of our efforts.

It might feel nearly impossible to stop our inertia from our perceived control of life that we have worked so hard to maintain. We get that! We’ve been there. That’s why we encourage you to try one of our weekly classes and notice what happens when you pause and give yourself the opportunity to change your speed and shift your direction.

... and let’s be honest, we are women who are wives, mothers, friends and daughters taking care of others all while having careers, running households, and looking ourselves straight in the mirror and doing the hard work… so in reality we already have superhero powers.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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