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this tool bought me time + grace

When I was at my worst, my negative reel would tell me that I was a bad mother because I didn't have the energy to cook my family a healthy meal at the end of day. So when I would have spurts of energy, I would go to the store and buy organic fruits and vegetables with the intention of showing my family how much I loved them through my cooking. Since I was not dealing with my root cause at that time, my days were unpredictable and I'd find myself in bed most the day exhausted from doing simple chores. Quickly, the organic fruit and veggies would rot before I could get to them and this would perpetuate my negative reel.

The OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Standing Crisper Drawer Inserts are enhanced carbon filters that absorb ethylene gas to keep produce fresher longer. This purchase bought me time and flexibility. It gave me the grace I needed when I decided to order takeout another night and also a few more days to cook my produce when I found the energy.

With love,




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