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Time Is My Most Valuable Currency

I love this book, Happier Hour by Cassie Holmes, PhD, for so many reasons.

First, I could REALLY relate to her story about being a busy working mom with a toddler at home and pausing on her commute to ask herself... what am I doing all this for? Is this what I want to be doing with my life? Been there!

Second, I loved how talks about time like it's money and being time rich. She says "time is the singular resource that if invested correctly can produce a good, maybe even great, life. If you know how to invest your time and are invested in your time, you can make yourself happier." That really resonated with me. Time is truly my most valuable resource.

And lastly, I love the science! This book not only gives the exercises to help me figure out how to invest in better, high-quality time, it also gives me the science to back it up.

There's a lot of stuff that I've been working on over the years (working out on a regular schedule, investing undisturbed time with my children, focusing on myself first) but I would get side-tracked, distracted and go back to my old habits all because "I don't have enough time."

Because I've worked through ming+ming steps 1-3, and defined my core values and my why, this was a wonderful tool to get me realigned with step 4 to find my path. This book really helped me refocus on what's important and where I wanted to prioritize next... my precious time.

With love,


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