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book + podcast to help find your why

Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck was beautifully dense, chock full of stories, encouragement, and exercises. Each chapter is built on the last and it was so helpful for me to work through the exercises at my own pace so that it all made sense at the end.

One of the most helpful exercises for me (although ALL were really helpful) was to write out my "everybody." I'm not sure if you do this or not, but when I get scared to move forward with something, I will tell myself the everybody will be disappointed or everybody will laugh at me or something else that everybody will do to prevent me from taking my next steps. So when I did the exercise of writing out who everybody is... it was just a few people. They were important people in my life but hardly EVERYBODY. I cannot tell you how much this shifted my perspective and gave me the permission to take that step forward.

I also recommend the podcast Martha Beck ON: How To Let Go of Fear, Stop Listening to Others, and Learn To Trust Yourself. She's promoting a different book but touches on a lot of the same themes. Worth a listen.

With love,


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