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flower remedy drops to find your why

Bach flower remedies are squarely in the woo-woo realm so don't feel bad if you haven't heard of them. I had seen them mentioned in some alternative medicine books but it didn't really speak to me until I heard Alexis Smart on the Another Phase podcast.

I started out trying them to help my son calm down and sleep better with Dream Boat and was impressed with how well it worked after just a few days. Then I used First Aid to help one of my dogs with anxiety and it worked okay but not consistently (I may try her new pet remedies).

Anyway, Soul Purpose worked for me. I used it for a month while really diving deep into peeling back the layers keeping me from acknowledging my purpose and my why. The effects were very subtle and hard to explain but I felt a shift and noticed more synchronicities to help guide me forward.

If you are sensitive to energy and alternative medicines and need a nudge in the right direction, I'd definitely recommend trying these flower remedies or at least listen to the podcast to learn more.

With love,


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