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11 steps to change your life

Most of us can relate to feeling stuck. We can feel when our actions and behaviors are not aligned with our purpose or passion. We spend time wishing for particular outcomes but can’t seem to make the changes to get us closer to what we want.

This includes being stuck in the inertia of our daily routines. These patterns come easily because we know what to expect and feel comfortable with the results. However, this may lead to us choosing to steer away from starting something new because of the extra effort, time, and the unknown. This is what keeps us on autopilot, not moving backwards, but not moving forward either.

We know we want something different, but our justifications, our excuses, and our habitual habits pull us back to yet another Groundhog Day where we wake up each morning feeling disappointed that we're still stuck in the same pattern we've been trying to break free from.

We are aware we can do more for ourselves. We are constantly reminded of the importance of prioritizing ourselves and selfcare. We all know that holding on to past events won’t allow us to move on, but HOW do we go from knowing what to do to actually doing them?

Whether it’s a shift in careers, taking a leap of faith to start a passion project, discovering the value of your own self worth, letting go of the past or ending a toxic relationship, we can relate to the overwhelming emotions and the debilitating fear of failure when it comes to doing the hard work that's involved with change.

Our objective at ming+ming is to guide you from awareness to behavioral changes that will help you achieve your goals with our 11 steps:

  1. negative reel

  2. ego + identity

  3. your why

  4. find your way

  5. let it flow + let shit go

  6. breaking down the woo-woo

  7. effort + goals

  8. reflection

  9. your story + our community

  10. maintain + preserve

  11. discover + repeat

Each step was derived by working through our own personal struggles of trying to get ourselves unstuck in certain aspects of our lives. It was these parts of our lives that seemed “off” or “imbalanced” that overwhelmed the other parts that were aligned and thriving. We realized that we weren’t enjoying the life we worked so hard to create.

And that’s when we realized there was a series of steps. One step that had to come before another to create a foundation that we could build from and return to when we would inevitably fall back onto old habits that didn’t serve us anymore.

That’s why we are so excited to share our 11 step process with you. We go back to these steps time and time again when life dishes it out and challenges us. They work for us, they work for others, and we’re confident that they will work for you!

Dive deeper into ming+ming and discover:

  • What step you are on.

  • The tools we use when we are on a particular step on our own healing journeys.

  • Our weekly classes and a community that reminds you that you are supported when feeling alone and struggling.

  • Our waitlist for future workshops and personalized coaching sessions when you want that extra support to work through what's keeping you stuck.

  • Our monthly (third Tuesday of the month), live q+a sessions via zoom to get direct access to Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

We are here to provide you the steps and the tools to find creative solutions to your own personal struggles because you deserve to get unstuck and start enjoying the life you work so hard to create.

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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