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You can be in and out of balance at the same time.

This is important so we’re going to say it again. You can be in and out of balance at the same time.

It's not uncommon to feel like the imbalanced aspects of our lives can overshadow what's going well. One of the reasons why starting a healing journey can be so scary and confusing is because when we feel out of balance, it can seem like it's taking over our entire lives. This overwhelming feeling can make it difficult to navigate on where to start.

So here’s the bad news… you’re probably right.

Deep down you know the truth and there are parts of your life that has gone unaddressed for quite some time. They are deep-rooted, tied tight to your identity and ego, making things sticky, dark, and super uncomfortable. (“Maybe I’ll just shove those feelings back down for later.”)

But there’s also good news!!

As out of balance you might be in one area of your life, you are probably solid, if not successful, in many others!

Meaning, you can be a work in progress and still be an amazing person. You can be dealing with deep-rooted issues and still kill it at work, be a good mom, show up for a friend, and be a supportive partner.

When we feel out of balance, it’s because we know there’s room for improvement making us feel like we're not good enough overall. But that's not true. We don't have to change everything about ourselves, we just need to figure out which aspects to focus on.

That’s why it’s so important for you to know YOUR first steps. If you are able to identify which aspects of your life are imbalanced, then you'll be able to focus on slowly making sustainable changes to that specific area. You will be able to streamline your time and your efforts and see significant changes where it really matters.

What we’re discovering on our own healing journeys is that when we put in the work where it's the most effective, other issues we once thought we had to change start to soften and sometimes, even works itself out. What seemed like a long list of unaddressed and uncomfortable issues shortens and becomes more manageable.

When certain issues get out of control and we feel like we are spiraling, it’s easy to feel like our entire lives are compromised. But that’s just not true! We can suffer from our challenges but our struggles are NOT WHO WE ARE. And what that means is, change is possible.

If you’ve gotten this far and it’s sounding spot on, you are ready for change and ming+ming is here to help you put one foot in front of the other.

First step, take a pause. You need to make space and time to reflect on what parts are imbalanced so you can address the root cause. But also take the time to recognize what parts of you are in balance. This way you can leverage your strengths to help support your healing journey.

Next, accept a different voice. When life is noisy and overwhelming you need to be able to remind yourself that your struggles do not define you. And if you can't seem to remember that, then our community gladly will. That’s the strength and beauty of joining ming+ming meditation classes - everyone is in balanced and out of balance at the same time!

It's in this space where we remind each other that it’s okay that we are not always okay. That we are taking the right first steps by showing up. We support each other when things are bad but also when things are good. We remind each other that we are smarter than our problems, we can do hard things, and we are damn well worth it.

Find your pause and focus your attention with ming+ming weekly classes because lets face it, change is hard and the road to get there can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are ready for change but don’t know where to start, investing one hour by joining a ming+ming class is a great first step. With time, you will discover which aspects of your life you would like to work on while being reminded of all the other aspects that make you great!

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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