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if i stop, i'll crumble

Cirque Mei

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep busy. We say to ourselves: “if I slow down and pause, my body would just crumble.” So we don’t stop. We keep pushing on because who has time to rest?

Our bodies clearly communicate to us that we are doing too much. Whether it’s aching and stiff muscles, headaches, migraines or stomach pains, sleepless nights, sore throats or a pinched nerve, our bodies are letting us know it’s time to slow down and take a rest. But instead, we double down on pushing ourselves, taking a painkiller to silence the signals, and keep on checking off our perpetual to-do lists.

At ming+ming, we don’t define balance as a circus balancing act where you can juggle 5 balls, while spinning plates and riding a unicycle. What we mean by balance is finding the counterbalance to the constant push, the drive, the go-go-go, more-is-better, I’ll-sleep-when-I-die mentality.

But it’s hard to stop our inertia especially when the culture that surrounds us amplifies a single definition of success creating excuses for why it’s NOT okay to slow down. What we have found to counteract that nagging urge to stay productive starts with thoughtful and intentional pauses.

It’s hard to rest. It’s even harder to rest without guilt and shame. It’s hard to quiet down our thoughts that add to the noise all around us. However, it’s in the pause, the thoughtful moments, the quietness, when we can reflect and ask ourselves what it is we need and how to give that to ourselves.

It’s only when we give ourselves the space, time and support that we can have meaningful and honest conversations with ourselves. It’s HOW we are able to go within.

Because it’s in these quiet moments that we will find our shift, the real possibility for change. We are just waiting for something – that one suggestion, that one message – that resonates with us and redefines our perspective to spark a genuine interest to try something different. To see a situation from a different angle, to view a problem as a puzzle, to shift our entire viewpoint allowing us the ability to believe something that we once thought was impossible.

At ming+ming we provide you this pause. We not only give you the permission, but we also encourage it. The pause is your tool.

Our ming+ming classes are your scheduled pauses. They are designed to help ease you from your fast-paced, accomplishment-oriented mindset. This allows you to restore your body, mind and soul so you can continue to push and go when you need it, giving you the work-life balance you seek.

Our teachers have a personal passion for the classes that they teach due to their own personal healing journeys. You will feel connected, supported and confident that you are taking the right steps in your own healing journeys.

So if you can relate to the feelings of burnout, exhaustion, and your body just wants you to rest, then join us for our classes. You will find us both there because we too need the pauses that help us discover our balance so we can enjoy the life we work so hard to create.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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