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podcasts that shifted my negative reel

Jim Kwik on how to Learn Faster, Remember More & Find Your Superpower

This podcast helped me shift my perspective and enhance my awareness that I fight for my limitations with what I say to myself on a continual basis. Jim's personal story helped me connect to the struggle of placing limitations on my potential since I was a young child and how stereotypes of what was expected of me as child has shaped how I feel about myself today. This podcast helped me hear and further identify my negative reel.

Mel Robbins on Turning Negative Self Talk Into Positive Habits & The Truth About Manifestation

This podcast helps further define what the negative reel is and why it affects my daily decision and what motives my actions towards change in my life. She explains why consistently showing up is crucial and why it's important to have self compassion as you travel through this healing journey. She shares tips and practice on how to recognize, quiet down and shift your negative reel.

A quicker version of her message is at the TED Talk: How to stop screwing yourself over

How Not Being Enough is The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity with Marisa Peer

This podcast helped me apply certain actions towards quieting down my negative reel. Success stories of how she helped others shift their negative reel gives me hope that all the effort is worth it and that I can be a success story too.

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