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discovering crystals

One of my first steps on my journey was recognizing and trusting in the sensations in my body and the "knowing" within myself. I always loved the look of crystals, but thought it was silly to feel them. That was my negative reel and I was embarrassed to pursue this interest for a long time. But once I accepted that this was a legitimate tool for me, it helped me trust my intuition, my decisions, and my unique way of processing the world. This was a crucial first step to starting to trust myself even when it didn't make sense to the people around me.

Fortunately, The Crystal Code by Tamara Driessen encouraged me to get to know my crystals and open to their energy. This was my first crystal book and it reads like a girlfriend giving advice on picking up a new hobby. It was exactly what I needed to trust that what I was connecting with and reminded me that connecting with Earth's energy is nothing new... it's our natural state of being.

If you're interested in adding some crystals into your collection, I recommend The Healing Sanctuary on Etsy. She infuses the crystals with reiki energy and I love they way they feel when I get them. No negative ju-ju here!

With love,


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