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discovering reiki

Until 2018, reiki was not in my vocabulary. I had heard of energy healing and I had gotten benefit from acupuncture in the past, but it was nothing I was interested in doing or learning... until our au pair started getting our 4-year-old son to nap almost everyday by "doing reiki" on him. This was a child that refused to sleep as an infant and HATED to nap. It was a bona fide miracle. I had to learn what this was before our au pair's visa expired.

As I describe in this newsletter, my reiki attunement opened up something inside of me long suppressed but, more importantly, it taught me that I can heal myself and others by connecting from a place of love to the energy that surrounds us all. It also helped me push back on my negative reel by helping me love a part of me that I dismissed for decades.

I learned reiki from Marissa at my home yoga studio Nimaste Yoga in Kensington, MD, but I also received immense benefit and guidance from sessions with Devon Cajuste (via phone) and Pam at Atasia Spa (in person) in Berkeley Spring, WV.

Reiki is a difficult healing technique to define. If there are 100 reiki practitioners, you will experience 100 variations of reiki. The style and experience can vary widely. If you're interested in reiki as a healing modality, please reach out to me and I hope to guide you in the right direction.

With love,


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