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myofunctional therapy helped me to stop mouth breathing

I was introduced to Krista Gavira after having to get adult braces to fix my open bite. I'm forever grateful for my orthodontist Dr. Jordan Lamberton, who told me that unless I address the root cause of WHY I had an open bite then he would be treating me for an open bite again in the future. Krista is a myofunctional therapist at second breath: orofacial myology + airway health located in Napa, CA. After discovering signs of sleep disordered breathing and other myofunctional disorders in her family and even herself, she became passionate about myofunctional and airway health.

Krista helped me understand my own breathing disorder and how it affected my everyday life from eating, talking and sleeping. Her technique of clearing my nasal passages (without medication) using the Buteyko breathing method and taping my mouth at night are tools I still use today. I am grateful that I had a doctor who addressed the root cause of my open bite, and even more grateful that his sister, Krista, was able to guide me through the process of healing myself.

With love,


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