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retraining my body with Rosen

My first in-person Rosen class was at the Napa Senior Center February 2020. Shortly after, the world shut down due to the pandemic. Classes transitioned online and that’s where I’ve been taking my Rosen class ever since.

I’ve lived most of my life pushing through my discomforts (read about it on my blog here). I’ve been forcing my body to perform and creating a lot of tension. But a lifetime of harsh demands finally caught up to me, leaving me exhausted with a chronically aching body. Rosen movement helps me to stop reinforcing old habits of misusing my body. Since I didn’t know any better, I needed to retrain myself from the foundation up. And even though my first class was held at the senior center, Rosen movement is for all ages.

Rosen Method Movement is a system of simple, gentle, range-of-motion movements that encourage students to move the way their bodies are designed. Rosen classes are also paired with music allowing the body to move with awareness to a certain rhythm. These classes are simple, practical and have given me hope for a more enjoyable future.

Along with Rosen Method Movement there is Rosen Method Bodywork. To discover more about Rosen Method check out the webpage at

And if you would like to join me via Zoom at 9:30am pacific on Mondays for Rosen Method Movement class, please reach out and I’ll send you information on how to sign up.

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