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step 4: find your way

"If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. But if it’s broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things begin on the inside.” –Jim Kwik

No matter who you are, no matter your personal struggles, the first step towards sustainable life change is to go inside.

We may try to convince ourselves that the problem isn’t us, that it’s external conditions and environmental factors that continue to perpetuate the shitty circumstances that seem to be happening to us. We blame others for making us feel bad, we feel slighted by the successes of others, we justify poor behavior as a deserved reaction, and define our failures as a lack of support.

Though we may know that we have no control over anyone else, we still strive to manipulate our circumstances to feel better about ourselves. And when things don’t work out, we bitch and moan about how life’s not fair. This can leave us in a negative spiral, hurt and confused about how others need to change first so that we can start enjoying our lives.

The harsh reality of discovering our wellness journey is that we are the only ones who have the power to heal ourselves–it’s an inside job. No one is going to do it for us because nobody else can. This healing journey is about self discovery and ultimately about self love. That is why the first step is to go inside.

When we are able to understand ourselves and our stuckness, we have the capability to then decide where best to start and which tools to try. In other words, we will know where and how to apply our energy efficiently, counteracting our stuckness and allowing us to move forward with confidence.

The good news is that you’re here at step four of our 11-step process of getting yourself unstuck. If you've been working through our steps, we have guided you through hearing your harsh negative reel (step one) and given you the tools to start quieting it down to hear your true inner voice again. We have provided you with ways to define your ego + identity (step two) and the tools to know when they are out of balance. And finally, we have helped you define your why (step three) and given you the tools to keep digging deeper to solidify the trajectory of your path forward.

Meaning, (surprise!) you’ve already been doing the hard work of discovering a deeper understanding of yourself and now you are ready to find your way. What all this deep inner work is doing is connecting with the person who has your back the most, YOU! You are discovering your worth based on your own definition, which allows you to say yes to what you need and no to what you don’t (guilt free!).

Here at ming+ming, we not only help you define your way, but we will also provide the tools to help you go inward and reconnect with yourself. We understand being stuck, we understand feeling lost and confused on where to start, we even understand feeling like we’re too far gone to try.

At some point in our lives, we both got lost and became out of touch with ourselves. We spent many years putting the needs of others before our own and realized later that it came at a cost. We knew something had to change but often didn’t know where to start, so we stayed stuck. After years of difficulty, struggles and blaming outside factors, we finally discovered what it took to discover our first steps towards the sustainable change we deeply desired.

If you are feeling the same way, we understand and we can help. Take our short quiz and find out what step you are on and where to start to find YOUR way.

With love,

Ming-Wai + Ming-Cee

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