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therapy helped me let shit go

It was ingrained in me from a young age that going to therapy was a sign of weakness. That sharing your vulnerabilities only opens you up to be taken advantage of and placed at the mercy of someone else’s harsh judgment. But I was told wrong.

In my experience, therapy is not a place for judgment. It’s a place to find truth and deeper understanding. It helps me clear out the external noise, self doubts, painful memories and wrong doings. What it gives me is validation for my sufferings and the systems I've created to protect myself. And though the walls I built helped me when I needed them the most, keeping them up affects the quality of my life. As we know, life is complicated and complex and therapy helps me to accept my past, my reactions, and allows me to loosen the limiting definitions I've created in order to make sense of my pain.

When first looking for a therapist, I was verbal about my personal preferences in finding someone who would take a more holistic approach rather than someone quick to prescribe me pharmaceuticals. Just like seeking any type of support, it matters the type of connection you have with the other person. Trust your intuition to make sure you find someone that's a good fit for you.

NOTE: Therapy is a luxury that takes time, money, and energy that not everyone is privileged to have. Check to see if your company or insurance offers these services. There are also apps like Talkspace or Betterhelp that can also be another resource. I have yet to try any online therapy apps, so I do not have a personal review.

With love,


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