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this documentary redefined therapy for me

This documentary was incredible for me in many ways. I think it's a beautiful representation, on multiple levels, of what it’s like to be on a healing journey. It’s complicated, it’s multifaceted, and we are ALL just trying to figure it out (even the therapist who created the tools).

We love our tools, and this documentary is filled with them. In the documentary Jonah Hill and his therapist Paul Stutz discuss in detail the tools Stutz has created to help us process life. He creates visualizations on notecards to give further understanding, how to apply it and why it helps. He even guarantees that if you do what he tells you to, you will feel better.

The authenticity, and rawness is refreshing. The documentary has a way of redefining therapy altogether and opens up the possibility for others to seek this type of help.

With love,


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