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yoga retreats are woo-woo + rejuvenated me

As someone who was just starting to consistently incorporate healthier habits, I was hesitant to go on a multiple day retreat surrounded by people who had already transformed themselves and embraced the land of the woo-woo.

At first, I was nervous about the type of food I’d be served, the early morning rituals, the intensity of yoga classes, the group meditations, and the body cleanse, just to name a few, but it didn’t take long before I let my prejudices go and started receiving the benefits. It took some time for me to shake off the daily demands of being a wife and mother, but the energy shift within the first night and the communal objective of selfcare took precedence. Linda and Chelsea, who design and conduct the retreat, do a wonderful job of embracing each individual making them feel seen, heard and reassured they are in the right place.

The intentional activities throughout the retreat are specifically designed to hold space, invoke healing from within, discover a deeper sense of self and promote creative expression. The food that is served is nourishing and absolutely delicious, so much so, they even give you the recipes due to popular demand. The beautiful property allows you to connect with nature and rest peacefully during your stay. I thoroughly enjoyed hikes, the pool and hot tub, and a scheduled massage but I have to say my favorite time was staring up at a night sky filled to the brim with stars, something I don’t ever get to enjoy through the city lights.

All in all, my first yoga retreat hosted by The Inspired Being was an incredible experience. (Click here for our video reviews) I came back feeling well rested, rejuvenated and excited to incorporate more healthier habits into my life and embrace all that is woo-woo. I will definitely be signing up for another retreat in California… or even in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on the east coast!

With love,


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