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6 things to know before quitting your 2023 resolution

dark haired woman with arms stretched on top of a hill wearing a sweatshirt saying: keep going, keep growing
keep going, keep growing

We’ve compiled our top 6 tips to shift your mindset so you can make your 2023 resolution stick.

It’s the beginning of a new year and if you're like most of us, you’ve set intentions to live a healthier lifestyle by analyzing what you’d like to change in your life. Then, per usual, life gets in the way, old patterns persist, and we find reasons why to quit before we’ve really even begun.

Like we said last week, our goal is to change the tone of healing so we thought we would share some tips to help you create realistic resolutions that will lead to lasting change. (If you missed last week’s newsletter, read it here)

If you’ve struggled to stick with new year’s resolutions in the past, then the first thing you need to do is shift your perspectives on how to approach change.

Shifting your thinking will influence how to change your habits… for good. If you first focus on changing your mindset, then your actions will naturally align with less energy and greater success. It is this shift that allows you to discover the deeper meaning, address the root cause, and truly allow yourself to change.

The following 6 tips will shift your perspective on how you approach creating change and experiencing success with new beginnings.

  1. Change takes time. We live in a time when we are conditioned to expect instant gratification. Real sustainable change will not happen overnight, nor should it. There is value to this process. Give yourself permission to cultivate patience when it comes to change. Struggle with finding patience with change? Read this post

  2. Healing is not sexy. Looking good on the outside, despite how we feel on the inside, will not give you long-term results. Hiding toxic behavior behind materialistic wealth isn’t a sustainable healing practice. Superficial wellness is not the answer to your struggles. It’s hard work to discover real, sustainable change and it’s not going to be sexy, but the value of feeling confident in your true self and honoring your needs IS the new sexy. And because it’s not superficial, it will not dull or fade and more importantly, no one can take it away from you. Struggling with finding your inner sexy? Read this post

  3. You can be balanced and imbalanced at the same time. We like to think in extremes (right or wrong, black or white) but in reality, the answers to life are not one or the other - it's usually something in between or a combination of truths. This can be really confusing when we’re aiming to do things “right." Take a moment to recognize that you are an amazing person, but there are aspects of your life that you’re still working on. Struggling with feeling overwhelmed on where to start? Read this post

  4. Don’t be a shit talker. The way we talk to ourselves matters greatly and our inner monologue can be brutal sometimes. And the truth is that our chances of reaching our goals without believing in our abilities, cheering ourselves on, or giving ourselves the permission to “fail” and trying again, will ultimately sabotage any chance of success. We need to learn to be our own biggest cheerleader. Struggling with shit talking yourself? Read this post

  5. Your answer lies within. If we don't know what we want or why we want it, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to achieve it. We need to really get to know ourselves. We need to learn to like ourselves and believe we are worthy of change. The best way to connect with yourself is by being in an environment you feel comfortable in, supported by others who connect with your journey, in a space that is quiet and calming. ming+ming classes are designed to support you exactly where you are. Join our yoga and meditation classes to start connecting with your true self. Sign up here

  6. Show up for yourself. Our first actionable step towards change was to show up for ourselves consistently. Creating the habit of doing something for ourselves is the first pattern we had to build. We had convinced ourselves that we should be serving others before considering our own needs. This mindset made us feel lost, unhappy, and confused because we thought we were doing everything “right.” The reason we only sell membership packages is because it’s designed to make it easy to show up for yourself consistently. If there is only one commitment you make this year, we can guarantee you'll see real changes in your life by just consistently showing up for yourself. Read more about our membership packages

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