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How To Get Rich

Ming-Cee introduced me to this series on Netflix and I was kind of skeptical. First of all, I'm not really a TV watcher (I just don't seem to have the time) and I'm not really into reality TV shows (except The Great British Baking Show!). But I'm glad she kept annoying me about it because it was really helpful!

What I loved about this series is how he helped people build a solid foundation to help with their relationship with money. He asks people to define their "Rich Life" and shows us that it's different for everyone. For some it might be a big house, for others it might be the freedom to order an appetizer at a restaurant. Both are legit! And then he walks them through HOW to achieve their goals step by step.

And now I know why my sister was being so annoying about watching this. It feels very similar to our ming+ming Foundation Steps (steps 1-4)!

ming+ming step 1 is Negative Reel, which are our limiting beliefs. In this TV series, he works through money psychology and limiting beliefs about money.

ming+ming step 2 is ego + identity, which helps us recognize if we're making decisions based on core values or to get external validation. In this TV series, he also helps these people define their values and helps make good financial decisions in line with their values.

ming+ming step 3 is your authentic life, which defines our goals and why we are working so hard to accomplish them. In this TV series, he defines this as their "Rich Life" and it helps them focus on achieving their goals.

ming+ming step 4 is your way, which is YOUR unique first steps to move you forward with confidence. In this TV series, he assigns them their first steps depending on where they are on their financial journey.

Personally, it helped me recognize areas where I mindlessly spend money (especially when I'm stressed and living on autopilot) and reminded me why I'm working so hard to stay focused on achieving my Rich Life.

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P.S. I loved it so much, I bought his book and corresponding journal. I have a review on them here. Buy them by clicking below:

Are you a book lover?

You'll get value out of this book if you...

1. feel like you're not in control of your money

2. are living paycheck to paycheck

3. want to save more for retirement but feel like you don't make enough

Want to read less and DO more?

You'll get value out of this journal if you...

1. are a visual learner with a clear goal for your "Rich Life"

2. struggle with figuring out where you're spending all your money

3. get bored with books but want to take back control of your spending

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