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I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Check out my write up on the Netflix series How To Get Rich to learn how this TV series reminds me of the ming+ming steps. I liked the TV series so much that I bought the book and journal!

The book is written for someone probably 20-30 years from retirement (because they keep pushing contributing to your retirement fund and compound interest and stuff) but it also has good tips for people with credit card debt and student loans.

What was really helpful for me was the last couple chapters on investing. Where to put your money, why he hates Bank of America and Wells Fargo, and why you invest in index funds and target date funds. No talk about buying and selling hot stocks - he keeps if low drama and low maintenance. Just my style.

Biggest pro was that I felt in control of my money by the end of reading the book. And it taught me what to focus on and what to ignore when it comes to investing.

The journal was also written for someone at least 20 years from retirement. It could definitely be done independently without reading the book so if you're more of a "doer" rather than a "reader," the journal is probably better for you.

Since I had read the book and had implemented the homework already, I wasn't as engaged with the journal. But it really just depends on how you absorb information and how you like to work through new concepts. You gotta do you!

Overall, I've become a huge fan of Ramit Sethi and how he breaks down money in a way that is approachable and drama-free. Definitely check out the Netflix series if you have a subscription. Read my review here.

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For the book lover

You'll get value out of this book if you...

1. feel like you're not in control of your money

2. are living paycheck to paycheck

3. want to save more for retirement but feel like you don't make enough

Want to read less and DO more?

You'll get value out of this journal if you...

1. are a visual learner with a clear goal for your "Rich Life"

2. struggle with figuring out where you're spending all your money

3. get bored with books but want to take back control of your spending

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